By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Thoughts

Why do we worry?

It seems useful and necessary at the time, right? It feels like we’re DOING something when we’re feeling out of control.

And yet, worry is one of the most non-essential, energy-wasting, pain-inducing, indulgent activities we can engage in.

Worry comes from helplessness, anxiety and unease because of the thoughts we‘re thinking about the situation that has happened.

We then take it upon ourselves to fret over what happened, why it happened, what the potential downfalls will be because of it. We imagine the worst case scenarios and then consider how to avoid them. We think we are problem solving.

But, have you ever noticed that more often then not, what you worry about RARELY transpires?

The prolonged suffering we created for ourselves was all for nothing. It did absolutely ZERO to alter the outcome.

The same occurs in situations where what we fear comes to pass. We suffer long before we know what has happened. We think somehow the worry will prepare us, but worrying simply doesn’t lessen the impact.

In fact, it contributes to it. Our suffering doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t prove we care. It doesn’t solve the problem. It keeps us stuck.

So, what do we do instead?

We become aware of it. We notice when we begin to worry and examine the thoughts and feelings that are driving us to worry. That is step 1.

Step 2 is accepting the situation for what it is objectively – as the facts only.

Step 3 it to deliberately and actively choose a new line of thinking that creates feelings of ease and resolve.

When we feel this way, we stop the unnecessary suffering and we become empowered. We are able to find solutions that are based on the facts of this situation, not fear.

Let go of your worry today and notice how empowered you become!

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