By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Life Coaching, Motivation, Thoughts

I was reminded recently that “there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going”.

So often I try to jump to the end rather than allowing the process to unfold and to walk the path step by step. I want the answer now and yet, by pushing myself, I am unable to see the next step clearly.

I found myself in this space again & with this reminder, along with the help of a wonderful friend to help me see the path again, I’m finding my way.

When we jump, we come to wrong conclusions, we can’t see clearly and we lose sight of the desired outcome. We have to take each step even when it’s uncomfortable. The discomfort is what brings growth and success. Discomfort is transformation in disguise.

I encourage you to take the time today to walk each step deliberately, to be present to what’s happening in your mind, body & heart, and pay attention to the healing power of the path.

Have a beautiful day!


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It’s so worth it and so are you!

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