By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Life Coaching, Suicide Loss, Thoughts

Things on the outside looked like they were going really well.

No one knew that I had underlying feelings of discontent, disappointment, unhappiness and unworthiness.

I spent so much of my life trying to make things work, creating the “perfect” life. But, I wasn’t happy and I had no idea who I was because I was trying to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be.

I felt like an impostor in my own life.

I spent a lot of time creating fronts, making things “look” a certain way in an effort to get people to like and accept me, and to steer clear of confrontation and disappointment. I thought this would help me feel better about myself and my life. It didn’t.

I thought if I was really nice and didn’t ruffle any feathers that life would be easier. That wasn’t the case!

Life actually got more difficult for me in spite of things appearing to be “perfect”.

I’ve now spent the last several years on a journey to get REAL with myself through various physical, spiritual, and mental practices! Each of these practices has given me a more well-rounded perspective on my life and has allowed me to heal in different ways.

However, getting my mind to work in the most productive and efficient way by using the tools of Life Coaching, has made all the difference. I have learned to accept my past and who I am. I understand the power of being my TRUE SELF and allowing that power to create what I want for myself and my life.

Coaching gave me the following gifts. . .

  • Letting go of perfection and people pleasing in hopes it will bring the happiness
  • Making peace with my past and changing the way I think about my story
  • Getting real with myself and learning to love myself for who I am at the core
  • Creating my own happiness, fulfillment, and a deep sense of self-worth
  • Being empowered to confidently create the changes you want to see
  • Letting people see who I really am and feel comfortable in my own skin
  • Embracing who I am so I feel like the “hero” in my own life

Coaching allowed me to change my life!

It is possible for you too!

It’s not always easy, but it’s extremely revealing and ultimately empowering. It is worth the time, energy and investment to get the results you want.
You’re invited to join me for a free empowerment session with me so we can talk about what’s going on for you, where you feel stuck and how you can create the changes you want to see.

It’s the first step on this next phase of your journey and an amazing gift to give yourself.

It’s so worth it and so are you!

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