By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Life Coaching, Thoughts

Don’t let the fear of experiencing a difficult emotion stop you from getting to the other side.

I know it can seem easier and less traumatic to stay where you are.

However, that subtle tug on your heart is a sign you’re ready to move.

Trust yourself.

Trust the process.

Listen to your heart.

Let yourself feel whatever comes up.

Emotions are vibrations in your body that come and go with your thoughts.

The more we resist them the more uncomfortable we feel.

When we fear “negative” emotions, we create more difficult emotions.

Think about it.

We spend so much time thinking about the possibilities of what might come that we create negative feelings anyway.

You’re not protecting yourself by steering clear of what might happen.

Why not simply move into the situation at hand and allow what comes?

It will come eventually one way or the other, so why not allow it now?

You’re strong enough to handle it.

Believe in yourself.

I do.

If you’re feeling the subtle tug at your heart, I’d love to talk with you for a free empowerment call. This is a great opportunity to talk about what’s going on for you, where you feel stuck and how you can create the changes you want to see.

It’s the first step on this next phase of your journey and an amazing gift to give yourself.

It’s so worth it and so are you!

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