By Kathryn Green
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Do you let yourself dream?
Do you set goals?

Do you set goals that are seemingly impossible or stretch what you think you can do?

In the past, I didn’t dream, or let myself wonder about the possibilities for my life, or think big or stretch the limits of what I thought was possible. What held me back was the fear of not reaching the goal, of being disappointed and of feeling the shame of having to tell someone it didn’t happen.

So, rather than potentially having any of those feelings (which, by the way, are totally optional) I limited myself to thinking only about what had been and what “knew” could be. And guess what? I only got more of the same thing.

Funny how we limit ourselves before we even get started, just so we don’t have to feel disappointment and shame. Instead of feeling those at the time of the unrealized dream or goal, I felt them ahead of time in the not trying, although I disguised the feelings with justification and rationalization. “I mean really, who in their right mind would attempt the impossible and feel the negative feelings, if they “knew” it wasn’t going to turn out?”

Doesn’t that seem crazy to you? How do we KNOW something anyway? We think we know by looking at the past. There’s evidence there, right? Evidence of the PAST circumstances ONLY. The past does not dictate the future. What dictates the future is our beliefs. What creates our beliefs? Our decision. The only way we create the future is through the thoughts we think. If we think we can’t, we can’t. If we think we can, we can. We have to find future thinking with new thoughts to create something different.

So, what if you decided to let yourself dream? What if you stepped into possibility?

Let’s take a look and see…

1.) Take a moment right now and think of something you want.

  • To travel to Santorini and stay for a month?
  • To earn a million dollars this year?
  • To meet the love of your life?
  • To find a job you really like or perhaps become an entrepreneur?

2.) Write your desire down now.

3.) When you think about that thing that you want, how do you feel? Write that down.

4.) When you think about yourself having that desire, what sorts of things will you be thinking and how will you act? Write that down.

5.) Can you go there? Can you get into that feeling and into what it would be like to have that desire?

  • If not, what are you worried about? Are you still thinking about it not coming true or the impossibility or not knowing how to do it?
  • If so, you’re on the right track. Don’t let go of your dream just because those things come up. Let’s keep working with them.
  • It’s ok that you don’t know exactly how to get to what you want right now. The point of dreaming and big goal setting is not to know the HOW, but rather to let yourself begin to feel the possibility.
  • If you’re in the “sounds good, but what if it doesn’t happen” camp, let’s go there too. What if it didn’t happen? What does that mean about you and your life? What if it didn’t mean anything at all? What if it could simply mean that you haven’t reached the goal “yet”? What if you got to decide what it meant? YOU DO, you know. You don’t have to be disappointed. You can choose whatever thought and feeling you want.

6.) What if? What if in the dreaming you simply got to live larger and experience more? What if in the dreaming, you created the feelings you wanted and began to act in a way that created the desired results? What if you realized your dreams? What if you reached that seemingly impossible goal? Can you imagine?

This is stepping into possibility.

If we don’t accept the possibility that something won’t happen for us AND go for it anyway, we will never give ourselves the gift of realizing our potential and our greatest results.

Your future is created by your thoughts. Let go of the limits. Change your thoughts.

This is the first step to creating the future of your dreams!


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