By Kathryn Green
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What do I mean by “release the power of the past”?

First, I want to be clear that this doesn’t mean forgetting the past – – for example our loved ones, our experiences, the joy, the sorrow, and all of the learning that comes from the things we faced.

What I do mean, however, is that we let go of the “trauma” of our experiences.

Being human is fraught with pain and difficult situations.

It is also accompanied by joy and positive experiences, yet we often spend so much of our time focused on the pain and suffering of the past, wondering why we had so many failures and why we had to go through the trauma, sorrow and heartache we faced.

We begin to define ourselves by our experiences and become discouraged about any options for finding a better situation for ourselves in this moment, let alone the future.

When we stay in the mindset that the past is evidence for how things are in the present and the future, we can be left feeling out of control and disheartened.


This is the difficulty about staying rooted in the past thinking.

In empowerment coaching we discuss the importance of the past, it’s significance in getting us to where we are, but also the importance of releasing the emotional power of past to allow for the future to unfold.

The power of the past is the result of continuing to relive the past experience by talking about it and thinking about it in this present moment. This process brings up the feelings you experienced in the past as though it’s happening right now.

Our brains interpret the data (our thoughts) and assume it is happening right now, and thus create the feelings in this moment that we associate with that experience. It thinks the situation is happening right now, merely because we are thinking about it so vividly in the present.

In some cases, reliving the past serves us and in some cases, it doesn’t.

When recalling a situation that was beneficial to us, we recreate the feelings of happiness, elation, pride, etc. When recalling a circumstance that we experienced as difficult, we recreate the feelings of dread, sadness, shame, etc.

When we become aware that reliving the past and allowing it to affect us in the here and now, whether in a positive context or a negative one, is solely the result of our thinking, we are able to release the power of the past, the power of the emotion, that is holding us back from moving into a future that we truly desire.

Yes, even moving beyond what we once thought was amazing.

We have the ability to experience whatever we want into the future, so long as we are willing to release the limitations of believing the past is all we will ever have or are ever capable of creating.

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