By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Life Coaching, Thoughts

What do you believe?

…about yourself, your life, others, and the way life works?

Do you know?

Have you thought about it?

Have you ever questioned what you believe?

Are your beliefs working for you?

Are they limiting your growth and transformation?

What if the negative beliefs you have about yourself aren’t actually true?

A belief is defined as “acceptance that a statement is true”.

In this case, a belief is simply a string of words you’ve chosen to accept as truth.

Based on this, beliefs are not set in stone.

Words can be added, taken away and restrung in a different order to create a new belief.

Many of our beliefs comes from what others have told us.

We also have beliefs based on cultural “norms”.

A belief is also defined as “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something”.

This means that you can believe in yourself when you have trust, faith and confidence in yourself.

You can believe in someone else when you have trust, faith and confidence in them.

You can believe in something when you have trust, faith and confidence in it.

So how do you acquire the feelings of trust, faith and confidence?

From your thinking.

You create sentences in your mind that produce the feelings you want!

Many of our beliefs work for us and allow us to be who and do what we want.

But the contrary occurs as well.

We believe what our brain tells us over and over.

Something you’ve always believed to be true can be changed if you want it to.

What have you always believed about yourself that limits you from having what you want?

What if you let go of those thoughts and decided to believe something else about yourself?

If we have the ability to accept any thought as truth to create what we believe, what do you want to be thinking?

What string of words do you want to accept as truth?


Do you struggle with what you believe to be true about yourself? Can you see that those beliefs are holding you back from being all that you want to be?

I know what this is like. I’ve held myself back with negative beliefs. I’ve told myself it’s just the way it is…it’s just the way I am. Guess what? Those are statements I chose NOT to accept as TRUE! I learned how to move away from this limiting thinking and allow myself to continue to grow. It’s a process, but it is SO worth it and so are YOU!

If you want to learn more about how you can create trust, faith and confidence in yourself, let’s chat!

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