By Kathryn Green
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Hey there, Lovely!

How are you? I thought you might like to see what one of my client’s had to say about her experience coaching with me, to give you an idea of what it was like for her to create a deeper understanding of her True Self and the world around her. I think you’ll find the work she did to uncover her inner warrior and the insight she gained to be very inspiring.

By the way, she gave me permission to share this with you!

Enjoy. . .


Kathryn has been coaching me through some very challenging situations with my children; as well as addressing some grief issues.  She provided support during times that were full of worry and regret, and gave me the tools I needed to find the hopefulness in these times. The coaching I’ve received has helped me in countless ways.

I feel more empowered to communicate my thoughts and feelings. I’ve learned that feelings aren’t facts. I have gained a better perspective on what I have control over and what I have little or no control over. I feel more capable of listening to those I love without always trying to fix their pain. Kathryn has given me permission to find hope instead of only focusing on the grief I have been feeling during this life transition.

I’ve learned that I can communicate and build relationships in my life that are built more on love than on fear.  I have learned that my wants are valid and enough and that acting on these wants isn’t selfish.  I’ve learned that some family members, who I no longer have contact with, have been teachers in my life and that if I don’t see them again I can be at peace with that.

I appreciated the [optional] worksheets that made be really reflect on relationships and unhelpful patterns that I have been holding onto for a long time.

I also really appreciated [the option to have] our sessions completed on a phone call instead of in person. This gave me more flexibility and most importantly I felt more open to talking freely when I wasn’t face to face in someone’s office.

This life coaching was an exceptionally helpful experience and one that I plan to continue to utilize as I need ‘tune-ups’. I have gone through several types of therapy in my lifetime and this was by far the most meaningful for me. Kathryn was direct with me and would circle back to important issues. I felt that there were no ‘taboo’ topics. I appreciated the coaching because it was more than just hearing my own thoughts.



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