By Kathryn Green
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What would it mean for you to be your TRUE YOU?

Do you allow people to see who you truly are or do you hide yourself away under layers of self-doubt and insecurity?

Sometimes we take the path of what we believe to be the one of least resistance, but in the end proves to be the most painful!

We act the way we believe others want us to or what we think we should so others will approve of us, in an effort to stay safe, to create peace, to protect ourselves.

Oddly enough, the very thing we want by being someone we’re not, is impossible to have.

You may experience it briefly or convince yourself it’s working for you and for everyone, but that gnawing pang you feel in your gut is your cue that things aren’t as they seem.

The real you is “dying” to be seen, to be heard and to be understood.

Your gut (your inner knowing, soul, intuition…whatever you call it) knows that continuing to hide is a slow death of the TRUE YOU.

The discomfort is a sign for you to open your eyes to what’s happening.

You are being called to uncover yourself so you can shine as the brilliant human you are at the core.

The process of peeling back the layers to RECLAIM THE TRUE YOU isn’t an easy one, but it is the most important, rewarding and ultimately empowering work you can do.

It is the ultimate GIFT for yourself and for the world.

Let the gift of the TRUE YOU shine through!