By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Life Coaching, Suicide Loss, Thoughts

I needed support.

I wasn’t sure what that looked like beyond my family and friends. When I still wanted to talk about what had happened and other people were ready for me to be done with it, I knew I’d have to find an alternative.

A friend suggested I find a support group for suicide loss, but that felt like the last thing I needed. I couldn’t bare the thought of listening to other people’s stories of their loss, while I was ensconced in my own. I know that sounds selfish and I suppose it was, but at the time it was selfish in the healthiest way possible.

I knew I didn’t have the capacity to support others in their healing at that stage and I didn’t believe group support was what I needed. For many people it is and I am grateful that support groups exist for this reason. We are all different in what we need at the various stages of our healing. Group support came later for me.

I had to do what felt right for me.

What I needed and wanted was one-on-one support. This meant I had to ask for help. Not always easy, when you’re used to doing things on your own, but it was time. I needed a solution and working it out on my own wasn’t giving me the outcome I wanted. So, I let go of my pride and tried counseling. When that didn’t quite work, I didn’t stop searching and I eventually found a life coach.

With her guidance and support, little by little, step by step, I began the renovation of my life.

I learned how to feel what I was feeling and not ignore or push it away.

  • It is a daily practice. Feelings come and go.
  • I learned to be with my feelings and to listen to the messages they offer.
  • I began to understand the shame, the blame, the guilt, and the anger.
  • I began to feel peace, confidence, understanding, and compassion.

I decided to take a hard look at my life – what was working and what wasn’t.

  • I wanted to know what I could change and what I wanted more of.
  • I made adjustments to my thoughts and my behaviors to create new opportunities for myself.
  • I began to understand that I had choice in what I believed about my story, myself and my life.

I developed an understanding of how to feel empowered to create and live my life on my terms. 

  • I stopped looking for someone else to take responsibility and found my own power.
  • I let go of beliefs that felt dis-empowering and created new ones that feel more in line with who I was and who I want to be.
  • I realized the importance of uncovering who I am and letting more of that shine through.

In the reconstruction of my life, I kept the foundation solidly rooted in knowing on a deep level that I can handle whatever comes my way.

There’s a resiliency that helped me put my life back together when I felt warn, broken and lost.

Resilience comes with accepting what is, looking at life optimistically, paying attention to and regulating emotions, and viewing “failure” as a teacher for how to move forward.

In this, I was able pick up the pieces, to change course, and reconstruct my life.

This is possible for you too!

Take this moment to schedule your free empowerment session with me so we can talk about what’s going on for you, what you want for your life and how we can work together to get you there!

It’s the first step on this next phase of your journey and an amazing gift to give yourself.

It’s so worth it and so are you!

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