By Kathryn Green
Categories: Empowerment, Feelings, Life Coaching, Thoughts

What is your “default” state of being? How do feel most of the time? Would you say happy, optimistic, open, sad, frustrated, anxious or something else?

Whatever it is, it’s there because of your repetitive thinking.

The “way we are” isn’t just something that happened to us or because we were born that way. It was created by our repetitive thinking and that thinking creates our feelings.

When we get into a cycle of thinking and feeling the same way, we get really good at defaulting to those. When this happens, we not only think the same to create the same feelings, we begin to think the way we feel. With this, our state of being is created.

Think about those people you know who are generally happy or optimistic…this isn’t simply because they were born that way. Their thinking has created it. Even when they have a rough patch, they typically go back to the optimistic state because they are used to being there. They see life through this lens.

The same goes for people who default to unhappy or another negative emotion. When they have a positive event, they are more apt to go back to the unhappy state. It’s what their mind and body are used to. They see life through this lens.

Sometimes a life event happens (the loss of a loved one, losing a job, broken relationship, etc.) and our thinking and feeling takes a turn. We create a different state of being because of the thoughts we are having about that event. It seems sometimes like you’ll never get out of it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You can change your state of being if it isn’t working for you. Sometimes the state we’re in serves us for a while and then over time it can begin to change the beneficial components and we begin to suffer from it.

You CAN make the shift to something different…a state of being that is more beneficial. No matter how long you’ve been in the state, you have the opportunity to adjust and to find a new state of being!

It starts with awareness, then you move to understanding and from there, transformation. It’s a practice. It take time. It is so worth it!

It is an incredible life-changing experience to feel empowered in your life, to feel like you’re steering the ship rather than feeling like you’re being taken for a ride to a place you don’t want to go.

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