By Kathryn Green
Categories: Feelings, Life Coaching, Thoughts

The Blame Game.

It’s not fun, but we play it all the time.

We blame ourselves.

We blame others.

We take on blame that others dish out.

No one wins.

We are disempowered.

We stay in victim mentality.

We don’t heal.

In the face of situations where we feel frustration, anger, sadness, or other difficult emotions, we have a tendency to want to place blame. We want to know whose fault it is to explain why we feel the way we do, so we assign blame. We blame in an effort to relieve ourselves from the discomfort we feel. We take on blame to relieve someone else from the responsibility of their own actions and feelings.

Interestingly, we rarely find comfort in blame – whatever side you’re on – the blamed or the accuser. Blame in any form breeds more negative emotion, through further negative thinking.

So, how do we stop playing the game?

We adopt the understanding that we are responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions and that no situation or person can “make” us think, feel or act a certain way. The results we get are directly related to what we think about the situation. This knowledge is ultimately empowering and will help us rise above whatever situation we find ourselves in. We will find clarity, understanding and direction when we take back our power.

When we recognize we have choice, we are empowered.

In this awareness, we begin to let go of blame.

When we let go of blame, we begin to accept what is.

In the acceptance of what is, healing comes.


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